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An employment agreement can be entered into for a fixed or for an indefinite period. In a fixed-term employment agreement, the end date is stated in the agreement. This can be a period of a few months or years, but also the time equal to the period of illness of an employee. It is also possible to enter into a fixed-term employment agreement for the duration of a project. In that case, the employment agreement will end upon completion of the project. Such employment agreements are also sometimes referred to as employment agreements for a relatively fixed term.

The end of the employment agreement must, however, be an objectively determinable moment. This means that the end must not depend on the will of the employer. This may in particular be difficult in case of employment agreements for a relatively fixed term. That is why employment agreements for a relatively fixed time usually also state a maximum term in months or years.


There are rules in respect of the maximum number and the maximum duration of fixed-term employment agreements that may be entered into. These rules are also referred to as the ‘ketenregeling’ (provisions on succession of fixed-term employment agreements).


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