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There may be occasions when you have to let an employee go. An employee can only be dismissed if there is a reasonable ground for dismissal.

These can be individual reasons: unsatisfactory performance or a damaged working relationship, or serious imputable acts of the employee. When there is a urgent cause, even an instant dismissal can be justified.

In the event of an individual dismissal, it is necessary that the case is thoroughly documented.

The reason for dismissal can also be based on economic grounds. A dismissal for economic reasons usually affects more than one employee. In case of a dismissal for economic reasons, it may be required to consult a works council or to send out a notification of mass redundancy.

The way in which an employment agreement is terminated may vary.

It is possible to mutually come to an agreement, in a settlement agreement. It is also possible, depending on the ground, to carry on proceedings at the UWV, or the Subdistrict Court.

All-Right Advocatuur has a lot of experience in assisting in reorganisations and individual dismissal processes.




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