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Employee participation

In case of important decisions, an entrepreneur is obliged to involve employees from within the company.

When a company has 50 or more employees, there is a legal obligation to establish a works council.
A company with at least 10, but less than 50 employees can have an employee representative body.
For companies employing less than 10 people, the participation will take place through the staff meeting.

In case of important decisions affecting the employees, the works council has the right to be consulted. The entrepreneur must, for example, request the works council’s advice in good time, before decisions are taken on important financial-economic or business organisational matters.
For example: making a major investment, providing an important credit, major changes in the organisation, the recruitment or hiring in of groups of workers.

The works council has a right of consent in the field of regulations and collective schemes.
For example: the adoption, amendment or withdrawal of a Working and Rest Periods Regulation or a holiday scheme, or the adoption, amendment or withdrawal of the job evaluation system.

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