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In the Netherlands, we have been familiar for years already with the phenomenon of Paternity Leave for the spouse or partner of the mother who has just given birth. This Paternity Leave consists of two days of paid leave.

Since 1 January 2015, this type of leave for the spouse or partner has been extended with the right to take three days of unpaid Parental Leave.

Is this new possibility an improvement, or does it come out of our own pocket?

The three days of unpaid Parental Leave will be deducted from the total period of Parental Leave (=26 times the number of hours worked per week).

The first advantage of this new possibility is that it may never be refused by the employer, provided that it has been applied for in the correct way (at least two months before the estimated date of delivery).

This is different from the rest of the Parental Leave; this request may in principle not be refused by the employer, namely only if such leave were to create serious problems for the company. A different distribution of the leave hours will subsequently have to be agreed upon.

The second advantage thus is that it may, if so desired, immediately follow the Paternity Leave.

It will of course be possible at all times to provide otherwise in a Collective Bargaining Agreement, to the effect that these three days of Parental Leave will be paid leave.

In the event of a multiple birth, the Paternity Leave for the partner remains the same. It will, however, be allowed to take three days of unpaid Parental Leave for each child separately.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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