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You may have heard already: employment law is about to change dramatically. I am referring to the Bill Work and Security (Wetsvoorstel werk en zekerheid) that is being considered by the Senate. Although the act has not been adopted as yet, part of the act is scheduled to become effective as from 1 July 2014, other changes will be implemented later, but employers are required to anticipate in this respect.

The first change that may affect many employers and employees is the mandatory notice of termination of a fixed-term contract.

A fixed-term employment agreement usually ends automatically, by the expiry of time. This will not change. What is new, however, is that for employment agreements that have been entered into for a period of six months or longer, it will be obliged to give notice of termination at least one month before the end of the employment agreement.

This notice means that the employee must be informed in writing as to whether or not the employment agreement will be continued. If the employee is allowed to stay after the end of this agreement, it must be clear under what conditions.

If this obligation is not fulfilled, the employer must pay the employee compensation in the amount of one monthly salary.

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